My hope is to bring a new vision to an ancient story. I work as a conduit for messages from ancestors in the form of the story quilt. Each quilt I create is a celebration of the African American heritage.

At times this means addressing troubling issues – racism, the breakdown of the family, the loss of the innocence of children and other challenges of life. It is my hope that people who see, think about and experience these issues through my work can learn and grow. Once there is an understanding, it takes away the mystery and fear. There aren’t as many differences between people as some think.

I hope my work can be both mind stirring and soul soothing. I am passionate about giving dignity to the human suffering of a stolen people.

When I create a piece, I need silence to listen to the words inside my soul. I try to give those words a visual interpretation. I hope to inspire research and exploration for other people about issues, for example, what it is to be a woman, particularly an African American woman – a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister or girlfriend looking for a place of peace and calm in the universe.

I hope to excite the viewer by the beauty of the layers of scrap fabric, metallic threads and bead work. The expressive photos in some of my work are drawn from the archives of the Pittsburgh Courier and provide a rich and telling backdrop, helping to create a collage of twisted truths from our past. The images are layered as the work builds itself into an instrument of beauty for a narrative quilted canvas that brings to the surface a sense of antiquity.

Each quilt is nuanced with symbols and expressive colors that are intended to enhance the overall story of the piece and to bring an everlasting impression of the sometimes obscure history of the African American presence on this North American shore.